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untamed with filipe deandrade

Untamed with Filipe DeAndrade

Lobby & Nat Geo Bookstore Opens | 1pm
Untamed Begins | 2pm

Filmmaker Filipe DeAndrade believes animals saved his life—and he wants to return the favor. Raised in poverty, surrounded by addiction and abuse, he felt voiceless. He related to animals, because they too were voiceless, and he fell in love with photography as a way to tell their stories. Now the star of Nat Geo’s digital series Untamed works to save the animals that saved him. In this presentation, DeAndrade will talk about finding your passion in life and living it with intent. Along the way, he’ll bring you face to face with lions, sharks, snakes, jaguars, jumping spiders, whales, and one of the rarest animals in the world—a hawk moth caterpillar that resembles a venomous snake.

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