COVID-19 Update


“What a long, strange trip it's been . . . “

The uncertainty of these unprecedented times have left us all confused, disoriented - staggering and wandering from one news report or official announcement to the next. Like many in San Antonio, the arts community has been dealt a stunning blow from the economic impact
of this crisis. Sadly but realistically, it is a blow from which many cultural arts organizations may not recover. While the City is poised to continue its growth as one of America’s great diverse cities, it can only do so with contributions and participation from the City’s unique portfolio of musicians, dancers, actors and artists.

The River Walk serves as San Antonio’s main social corridor for nightlife and festivals—the centerpiece of our civic identity and pedestrian life - connecting a series of linked cultural destinations throughout the downtown area. These destinations are nothing but brick and mortar without the talented and amazing people – the artists, the performers – that breathe life into the arts institutions that they call home.

In its 6th year of operation, The Tobin has truly accomplished the ideal of a “performing arts center for everyone.” It is The Tobin Center’s mission to facilitate diverse arts’ growth and to stand ready to serve all with a vast range of programming and theatrical experiences. The Tobin’s seven resident companies will urgently need your support and attendance when they return to our stages, and I hope that we will all do our part to rally around and assist them during these challenging times. We will triumphantly celebrate their return to The Tobin Center as an act of courage and defiance in the face of the adversity that this virus has wrought.

We have rescheduled a majority of three months’ worth of shows into available dates in the latter part of this year and early next year. We are abiding by the directives from governmental officials to make sure our staff and patrons stay safe. We will continue to look for the clouds from this storm to clear – and for The Tobin to once again shine its stage lights on San Antonio’s arts world.

While our stages are quiet, for now, we are busy preparing for our relaunch. We are actively securing new acts, events and performances. We have been working hard to answer your questions and to assist with ticketing requests. Our facility team has been cleaning and sanitizing our venues so that you have the assurance of a safe environment when you return.

The heart of San Antonio’s arts world – The Tobin Center – will beat stronger with your support as we navigate this challenging time together.

In the meantime, stay safe and “I’ll See You at The Tobin”.

Michael Fresher 

President and Chief Executive Officer 

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