‘Fun Home’ will make a timely debut at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts

August 4, 2017 - 10:15am

Actress Kate Shindle likes to stay busy, and she seems to be very good at it.

As she’s touring the country in the lead role in “Fun Home,” which will make its San Antonio premiere at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts, she’s also taking care of her responsibilities as president of Actors’ Equity, the national union for actors and stage managers.

“I’m so much better and happier being busy with things that are fascinating to me than I would be sitting on my couch,” Shindle said in a telephone interview. “It’s either be busy all day or play Candy Crush. I prefer the former. I’m a pretty happy actor right now.”

And so, on a recent Friday morning, she had a breakfast meeting with the Seattle liaison for the union; got her hair colored; then went through four media interviews promoting the tour, all before hitting the stage.

She also has zero downtime during the show because she’s onstage throughout.

“Fun Home” is adapted from Alison Bechdel’s acclaimed 2006 graphic memoir, which explores her childhood and the development of her sexual identity and her coming out as a lesbian when she was in college. She weaves into the story the discovery that her late father, with whom she had a complicated relationship, had spent his life in the closet.

The source material doesn’t exactly scream “musical theater.” And that’s one of the things that Shindle likes about it.

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