An Atlantan Reflects on San Antonio and its Musical Legacy

February 23, 2016 - 11:45am

Coming here from Atlanta, Texas in general and San Antonio in particular, has been an entirely new experience for me. Through the lens of a music historian with a research focus on Rhythm & Blues music, however, I witnessed something at the Tobin Center that should leave every San Antonian’s heart bursting at the seams with love and joy. I know that I felt it. Other cities don’t have this. Many will remember the PBS Doo Wop 50 specials and, to some degree, the Patio Andaluz Reunion concert seemed to follow a format loosely based on this concept.  What Henry Peña and his organization presented was a beautiful piece of community outreach, further legitimizing the culture of the West Side Sound.

I may be new to town, but the affection and interest in preservation of the culture that I witnessed at the Tobin Center was truly impressive. My hope is that San Antonio won’t take this for granted. If the Patio Andaluz Reunion was any indication of how the musicians of San Antonio are remembered and respected, I’m going to love living in this city.

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