AtticRep uses dance and video to explore a girl’s life

June 6, 2016 - 4:45pm
The newest original work created by AtticRep, titled “14,” started percolating on playgrounds several years ago as Roberto Prestigiacomo watched his daughter play. “She was playing with kids she met for the first time, and watching her play, and (seeing) the facility of kids to be together, I thought, ‘I’ve got to do something with this,’” said Prestigiacomo, the company’s producing artistic director. “So the universe we are going to create is a visual, metaphorical playground.” The work set in that universe, which premieres Thursday, follows a girl named Maia (Corie Altaffer) through the first 14 years of her life. Prestigiacomo, who wrote the script and is directing, described “14” as a fairy tale that takes its structure from Joseph Campbell’s writings about the hero’s journey.
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