BWW Review: SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER Dances Through San Antonio, Texas

March 29, 2016 - 1:30pm

With the disco craze a thing of the past and only one of the Bee Gees still living (Barry Gibb), SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER takes the audience back to a time when disco ruled and dancing was the best thing to do on a Saturday night. The current touring production of SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER came to San Antonio's Tobin Center for one performance last night. The show had a great mix of performers whose authentic costumes from the late 70's made the story come to life. Matthew Baker seamlessly fit the role of Tony Manero trying to make his way in Brooklyn, New York. He's strong sense of who Tony was made him belt out such songs as "Stayin' Alive," "Top of Your Game" and "Tragedy." Knowing that Baker was actually England born and raised, his accent as the Brooklyn tough guy was very believable. His dance moves were strong and his acting was spot on.  SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER was a fun evening of nostalgia for the audience and a chance for some disco dancing and music to take you back to a different time.

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