Michael Fresher – President & CEO, Tobin Center for the Performing Arts

January 27, 2020 - 8:00am

You have been the CEO of The Tobin Center for six years now, including a year before it opened to the public. How has this entire experience been for you?

Energizing! Very rarely do you get an opportunity to start from scratch. When I got here in the spring of 2013, there was nothing, not even a building. I had that unique opportunity to put a white board on my wall and draw the org chart. There was nobody here, so I started with, OK that’s me (at the top); I am going to need a finance guy, a booking guy, an operations manager… It was a chance to use all my experience from working in other organizations that were already operating for decades when I joined them and where making changes was very difficult. Here, we could start fresh. And we are still tweaking how we run things. We’re a big enough organization to have a broad show portfolio but we are also small enough to make the decisions right here.

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