Widespread Panic Guitarist Jimmy Herring Talks about His New Touring Band The Invisible Whip and His Love for Texas

August 28, 2017 - 9:45am

San Antonio, get ready for guitar aficionado Jimmy Herring and the 2017 debut of his new touring band The Invisible Whip. Described as “a musician’s musician,” Herring can be found smiling as he shreds on lead guitar with his legendary jam band Widespread PanicAs an admitted super fan of both Widespread Panic and Jimmy Herring – affectionately describing my location at Panic shows on the "Jimmy side,” I had the distinct pleasure of getting to speak to Herring in preparation for his upcoming show at the Tobin Center....   Well you're lucky to get to play at the Tobin Center – Carlos Alvarez  Studio Theater. It's a beautiful space.I think you'll be so pleased with the sound design - acoustically it's really intimate and special. I'm hoping that you'll be excited about that.  "I am very excited about that. That's what matters to me the most. Not how ornate a place is, or anything like that, it's just you want to go to a place where the music has a place to go. When you play you want the room to feel good, you know what I mean?"

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