Save Our Stages

Our industry is making great progress nationwide for additional federal funding and we would like to ask you for your assistance.

Two important bills are being presented to the House and Senate—the Save Our Stages Act and the Restart Act.  These two pieces of legislation would provide critical COVID relief funding for The Tobin Center, as well as other entertainment venues and organizations in our community and across the country.  Below is a fact sheet with more information.  

We need your voice and support to help advocate for the passage of these bills before Congress heads for recess August 5.  

To create momentum for all of San Antonio’s independent entertainment venue industry, we are asking you to urgently rally your friends and family to:

  • Submit letters of support to their Congressional Representatives
  • Like and share our social posts encouraging people to take action to support the bills

Submitting a letter of support is easy:
Click on this link, which will take you to a page where you will fill in your contact information.  The page will automatically populate a letter to your Senators and Congressional Representative based on your zip code.   

Our industry was the first to close and will be among the last to re-open.  Federal relief funding is a critical lifeline for our business and our industry.  Thank you for helping us advocate for these important pieces of legislation.  With your support, our business and our industry will come back stronger than ever. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact me!

Michael Fresher 
President & Chief Executive Officer


Call to Action - #SaveOurStages


Please join us in support of two congressional bills that will help entertainment venues and arts organizations continue to weather the harsh economic realities of COVID-19.
Here is how to help:
  • Like and share our content on social. Be sure to use #saveourstages and #restartact, and tag U.S. Senator John Cornyn, who’s has joined in introducing this legislation. 
  • Send a strong message to your congressional representatives by clicking this link, which will automatically populate using your zip code. Send it as-is or customize as you wish, and be sure to write “Save Our Stages & Restart Act” in the Subject line.


The Save Our Stages and Restart Acts are being considered as part of the next CARES ACT.  Both pieces of legislation would provide a critical lifeline to arts & cultural organizations, and entertainment venues, across our country. 
  • The SAVE OUR STAGES (SOS) Act (S: 4258) would create a $10 billion grant program for live venue operators to help pay employees and preserve this critical economic sector for our communities.
  • The RESTART Act (S: 3814HR: 7481) would create a new loan program to cover six months of payroll, benefits and operating expenses for small businesses—including arts & cultural organizations and entertainment venues—that have taken a substantial revenue hit during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Economics
  • Although parts of the country are partially reopening, the vast majority of entertainment venues and arts organizations remain shuttered and will not fully recover until the entire country is at 100% capacity.
  • The Tobin Center has postponed over 300 events and has suffered revenues losses of over $8 million during this pandemic. 
  • Beyond cultural value, these venues are part of their communities’ economic engines; every $1 spent on a ticket generates $12 in economic impact.
  • Independent live venues generate $9 billion each year in total economic impact; a group of 35 mid-sized performing arts centers (including The Tobin Center) generate an additional $2.7 billion.
Source: National Independent Venue Association and AMS Analytics