Sensory-Friendly Performances

a Generation Next Education Initiative

The Tobin Center is proud to offer sensory-friendly performances of some of our productions.  These are designed to create performing arts experiences that are welcoming to all families and friends with children and adults who are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder or sensory sensitivities.  While the integrity of the performances remains the same, certain elements are modified to create an inclusive audience experience.

These accommodations include:

  • Productions lasting approximately one hour, set to accommodate the sensory challenges of the audience;
  • Lower sound level, espically for startling or loud sounds;
  • Lights remain on, at a low level in the theater, during the performance;
  • A reduction of strobe lighting or lighting focused on the audience;
  • Patrons are free to talk and leave their seats during the performance;
  • Designated quiet areas within the theater;
  • Space throughout the theater for standing and movement; 
  • Limited crowds and vistors at The Tobin Center during the day and timing of the performance;
  • Tobin staff and volunteers trained to be inviting and accomodating to families' needs.

For more details regarding upcoming Sensory Friendly events email Kimberly Stephenson and you will be placed on our dedicated email list.  



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