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100A is dedicated to crafting well-told, relevant, and compelling stories with a focus on innovation and diversity, and an aim to achieve connective experiences. 

100A is a process-driven company that emphasizes the artist and audience. The organization strives to assemble artists who work collaboratively and distill their efforts into focused and concise productions that cater to the interests of the local community and the region. The company’s works contribute to the creation of connective experiences with consistent quality. 

The foundation of the organization is built by developing support through relationships with community artists and audiences. The company's productions are accompanied by readings and Tobin member events that promote interest, investment, and inclusion, creating a platform for dialogue and meaningful engagement.

· Transparent processes that encourage participation and mutual growth.
· Clean, clear, efficient productions centered on excellence. 
· Strong focus on the diversity and representation of the community integrated into every offering.
· Focus on entertaining and discovery of fresh perspectives.

The Tobin Center for the Performing Arts exists to serve the arts and the community. It is home to the Opera San Antonio, Ballet San Antonio, Youth Orchestras of San Antonio, Children’s Chorus of San Antonio and the Classical Music Institute. The center is sustained by philanthropy, grants, commercially driven tours, rentals, events, private engagements, and Tobin Entertainment, generating income that protects the interests of its residents and the community.

During the pandemic, all programming understandably stopped. However, the Tobin remained open and sought innovative opportunities to provide comforting and safe interactions for the community, adhering to its stated mission of "improving the quality of life in San Antonio." Faced with an absence of art, but a desire to create new content, Tobin leadership was led to ask, what else could be done to add to the cultural arts scene? The Tobin is uniquely positioned to start a project that looks at producing content to safeguard our offerings and add to the community. 100A Productions comes out of the desire to be in dialogue with the community, offer opportunities to support existing programming, and add to the cultural fabric of San Antonio and the region. 


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Aug 12, 2024
Carlos Alvarez Studio Theater
7 shows, Sep 4, 2024 to Sep 5, 2024
Carlos Alvarez Studio Theater
Dec 16, 2024
Carlos Alvarez Studio Theater
Jan 27, 2025
Carlos Alvarez Studio Theater
7 shows, Feb 12, 2025 to Feb 13, 2025
Carlos Alvarez Studio Theater
Mar 17, 2025
Carlos Alvarez Studio Theater
7 shows, May 14, 2025 to May 15, 2025
Carlos Alvarez Studio Theater
Jun 16, 2025
Carlos Alvarez Studio Theater

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