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School Time Performances

School Buses in front of the Tobin Center


Bring your students to The Tobin Center for an enriching live performance and make your curriculum come alive! Our field trips offer a robust, standards-aligned educational experience for students, whether they are learning in the classroom or from home. 

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School Time Performance Fees

All School Time Performances at The Tobin Center are provided at no cost to students, teachers, caregivers, and families thanks to generous contributions from our donors.

Additional Information
  • Why do pre-reservations close two weeks before the performance?
    • Generation NEXT creates a seating chart for each performance, blocking school seats together as a group and matching ADA needs with the best possible seats. We also use this time to contact patrons with any questions we have on how to make this performance the best experience possible for them.
  • Pre-reservations are closed! Can I still see the show?
    • If we still have tickets available, yes! The Box Office will be open the day of the performance and you can get tickets then. The ushers will know where the any free seats are and will work with you to put you in the best possible seat. You will know tickets are available because the web page will direct patrons to visit the Box Office the day of the event. If the performance is sold out, the web page will say so.
  • I have a reservation. Where are my tickets?
    • All tickets for Sensory Friendly and School Time Performances are "GA," General Admission. No one has specific seats assigned to them until we generate our seating chart for the event. Tickets will be given to you in person on the day of the performance. (See the "Day of Show" email, which is sent to patrons two weeks before the show, for more information.)
  • Who can attend the show?
    • While these performances are intended for school groups and non-profits, everyone is welcome to attend any School Time performance. There are no guest limits or requirements to participate.
  • Are there limits to the numbers of chaperone tickets that may be requested by schools?
    • No, though The Tobin Center does define “chaperone” as an adult who is actively monitoring students.
  • If parents want to see the show, can they get tickets?
    • Yes! Please note that campuses should arrange for all tickets they wish to have seated with their school group. Any adult tickets arranged in a separate order will not be seated with the campus, even if listing the campus as their “school.” This allows the school to process visitor passes and identify the adults allowed to be with the children. Patrons arranging for tickets the day of the event will be given the best seats available by Tobin Center Ushers.
  • What time should we arrive to the show?
    • It is recommended to arrive to the Tobin Center approximately 30 minutes early to ensure ample time to find a parking space and locate your seat. The Tobin Center has a parking garage located off of Fourth Street for extra parking as needed. If you need more time, the house doors will be open one hour before the performance. Bussing directions will be provided in the "Day of Show" email, which is sent to patrons two weeks before the show.
  • How long does the show last?
    • School Time Performances run approximately one hour.
  • School buses are able to park and stay on-site if space is available on performance day. For information on buses, please contact The Tobin Center Box Office.
  • Students and teachers may enjoy their school-provided lunches after a performance at The Tobin Center with prior approval. Space is limited! For information on picnic areas, contact Kimberly Stephenson at [email protected].
  • Due to food allergies and liability for our onsite catering department, outside food and drink may not be consumed within The Tobin Center.
  • Lunches must be contained in large group boxes or coolers. These may be stored inside the McCombs lobby during the performance.
Sensory-Friendly Performances

Sensory Friendly Performances are inclusive matinees that address the needs of all individuals in a welcoming environment. While the integrity and authenticity of the performance remains the same, certain production elements will be modified to create an accommodating experience. This provides an accessible opportunity for everyone to enjoy the arts.

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Oct 10, 2024
H-E-B Performance Hall
2 shows, on Feb 26, 2025
H-E-B Performance Hall
2 shows, on Mar 31, 2025
H-E-B Performance Hall

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