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The Tobin Center Legacy Society

What does the Tobin mean to you? Is it where you go to see our resident companies perform? Perhaps it’s your favorite spot to go with the family for a little entertainment and culture. You may be a fan of our Broadway or National Geographic Series or our sold out concerts and comedy shows. Or is it our education and community outreach programs that you love?

Whatever the Tobin means to you, you can honor those memories with a legacy gift, ensuring The Tobin Center’s world-class performances, education programs, and community outreach continue to enrich the lives of the people of Bexar County for generations to come. By including the Tobin in your planned giving, you become a part of the Tobin’s legacy.

There is no minimum amount required for a legacy gift, and there are many options for how the gift is made.

Would you like to make sure The Tobin Center continues to be a gathering place for the arts? Please contact us today to discuss your Tobin Center legacy.

Renee Garvens, Vice President of Development
[email protected]
210-223-3333 x7006

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