Tobin Musical Movie Marathon


GA Socially Distanced Tickets: $5
Boxes that include popcorn and non-alcholic drinks are available.  

Please contact the Box Office at [email protected] or 210-223-8624 for info or purchase.

The Great Escape!

The Broadway musical has long been a form of escape for many people.  Imagining a place in time when music and dance could instantly break out to perfectly describe mood of the moment, is all that many need to escape the day to day stress and struggles of daily life.  Add a world-wide pandemic onto that stress pile and it becomes obvious that what people need right now is a MUSICAL MARATHON ESCAPE! 

Kids Love a Musical Too!

The escapism of musicals is not just reserved for adults… music-based movies have always been a favorite with kiddos and families.  Let your imagination run wild as you escape to Polynesia with Moana, sing along with current hits with the animals in Sing, everyone’s favorite snowman comes to life in Frozen, and travel the savannas of Africa with Lion King.  Dress in your favorite costume if you like, come sing along, and get your mind off the world today with awesome musicals for the entire family.